Hi, I’m Julia

I’m a writer, journalist, content strategist and communications expert. I can help with all your marketing, PR, journalism and content needs.


Journalism is my first love. I write compelling human and public interest stories based on quality research and interviews.

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Topical writing

Climate change and inequality are two issues that compel me to act. I write for various media and blog on the topics too.

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Marketing and PR

I have 10 years’ experience in the charity sector and the NHS, managing content strategy and communications.

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“Humans are hardwired to tell stories. They’re the most powerful way to inspire, motivate, change minds and influence behaviour. As a multi-media marketer and journalist I use my storytelling skills to help you get results.ā€

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About me

Iā€™m Julia: a content creator and journalist.

I can help you with content that drives action for your business or organisation.

I also report on current affairs for media in the UK and abroad.

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