Who To Vote For In The EU Elections If You Care About Climate Crisis

Climate breakdown took centre-stage this year after teenage Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s school strikes went global. But don’t think that it’s time to sit back and let Greta make a difference on her own. If you care about the planet, then get out and vote in the European elections tomorrow (May 23). Contrary to someContinue reading “Who To Vote For In The EU Elections If You Care About Climate Crisis”

The Art Of Protest: Has A Mum’s Rebel Knickers Awakened Dorset’s Feminist Resistance?

Artist Lorna Rees deployed a defiant pair of pants to protest against a Christchurch MP’s moves to block bills on upskirting and FGM. Has she started a feminist revival in Dorset?

Opinion: The Glamour UK Interview That Awoke My Earth Activist Side

I interviewed NY model and earth activist Renee Elizabeth Peters for Glamour UK this month. It forced me to think very differently about what will actually solve climate change. This is what I found out.